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If you have pets, then you might have ticks. Ticks are mistakenly known as insects but they are in fact a parasite that belongs to the spiders family.

They feed on the blood, either on human or animals. Because of these they are known to be the perfect vectors or transimitters of disease.

Almost 10 different types of disease are from this type of pest. Some of the diseases are: Lyme disease, Rocky mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis.

As a pest exterminator, we want you to feel safe and not have any of these diseases. Yes, most are not deadly, but it is better to not have it at all.

Many natural methods or get rid of ticks yourself are all over the internet. If you want ideas that you think you can trust, we will present you with our own diy method on how to remove ticks from your pets and from your house.


DIY: Getting rid of ticks effectively


  1. Use gloves instead of your hands when picking ticks. This will stop the spread of pathogens or bacteria from ticks. You can also use tweezers or forceps to remove it at skin level.
  2. Gently pull the tick from the skin. Do not twist or turn as the tick may be squeezed or break on the source and may spread bacteria easily.
  3. Do not crush ticks. When removed, do not crush them immediately. Store them in a jar or tape them in a paper. You might want to show this to your doctor in case tick bite is serious.
  4. Remember the bitten part. Should there any be susceptible symptoms of disease from ticks, you can show to your doctor the bitten part. It may hold the other parts of the ticks that weren’t remove.
  5. Wash of the area. If you can’t rush to the hospital or if the situation is not worse, you can always wash the bitten area with mild soap and water. Wash it thoroughly and apply antibiotic cream to prevent infection.
  6. Wash and sterilize tick removal instruments. Tweezers or forceps should be washed and sterilized after use. Gloves should be dispose properly.


These methods are suggested by our pest exterminators as these are the safest way to treat ticks by yourself. Using bare hands or without tweezers are not suggested because the virus can spread easily. We want to avoid these as much as we can.

If things get to serious or if they have invaded your homes or your furnitures, you must call Oceanside Pest Control. Ticks are very small that is why a thorough inspection is needed before doing the treatment.


How do we remove ticks?

At Oceanside Pest Control, when we receive your call for pest inspection. We schedule you first and conduct a property inspection. This is necessary for us to know what we are dealing with.

This will also help us suggest treatments needed in your house.

If you have ticks, we will be able to eliminate them through our General Pest Control and Fumigation. Usually, ticks are not fond of heat. That is why most pet shops have blowers to treat ticks on them.

As this is a long process, we will offer a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual plan to keep monitoring this type of pest and keep them away for good.


If you are still unsure of our process, you may call us now and our friendly pest exterminators will be glad to inform you and assist you regarding your tick removal. This may take some time but trust us, it is better to handle them right away before it gets worse.

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