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Oceanside Pest Control will be your first choice for termite control and removal.

They have many unique types. The type of pest should govern what type of danger is posed to your home.

The kind of termite can govern the type of treatment options initiated by our exterminators. This will determine which approach we decide to take. Call our professionals at 000-000-0000 today if you suspect an issue in your home or business.


Termites Found In Oceanside, CA

Each type poses a different kind of threat. Once our exterminator enters your house, they will immediately identify what type you have and terminate them immediately. The following is a different kind of termite found in the Oceanside, CA:


Formosan Termites

They are typically located in places with warm climates. It can consume a vast amount of wood in a short amount of time. Because of their known ability, they have earned the nickname “super termite”

They don’t just stick to wood. The Formosan have been known to eat wood, plaster, plastic, and even metal. To know if you have this type, they usually have a tell-tale sign which is the bulging of your walls. This is because they create tunnels made from their saliva and feces. Once you encounter this, time is of the essence, you need to get a professional quickly.


Subterranean Termites

Their kind is known to have a very successful working order. They are very systematic, especially during springtime when they send out swarmers to reproduce. Their queen can lay up to thousands of eggs in a day, and these eggs hatch into destructive termites that can destroy a whole building in a short period.

Like other types, they also live in colonies underground and spend their time foraging. Each colony is consists of almost two million individuals. They mostly feed on wood and cellulose material.


Drywood Termites

As their name suggests, they live in dry woods and can be found from wooden rocking chairs, bookshelves, and hardwood flooring. Their colonies are relatively small in comparison to subterranean. In a single dwelling, it can have multiple colonies, and instead of living in mud tubes, they live in the wood itself and will tunnel along the grains of the wood which makes them more dangerous.

This termite work in teams. The male and female pair will work their way into the wood chosen for nest. Then they will excavate a chamber behind the opening which is sealed with a plug of brown cement and once done, the queen will start laying eggs.


How to Locate Termites

Typically finding fecal matter, is the first sign for most people. Their fecal matter is distinct from its figure, which is small and has thin or lines. You might also notice some discarded wings on floorings, the presence of mud tubes on walls, and when you try to tap on wood, if it produces a hollow sound, then it is a sign that you have an infestation.


You should contact one of our professionals at 000-000-0000 immediately if you notice any holes in the wood around your home with particles that may resemble mud tubes at the top. If you suspect termites in your home or business for any reason, you should call Oceanside Pest Control right away. There are many types of pest problems that you can easily take care of on your own, but termites are not one of them. Contact us today at 000-000-0000 to ensure that our exterminators are working to prevent serious damage to your home.

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