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It’s fair to say that most people are disgusted to even think they may have cockroaches in their homes. Please try not to blame yourself if you have an infestation. Many times there’s often not a single thing you might have done to stop them from entering your house. They may decide to come into your house even if you’re a tidy person. The cleaning habits of your neighbors can also affect your home. With the number of empty houses and buildings increasing, they are becoming much more common. Once your neighbor’s roaches finish eating the food in a foreclosed house they will come for the crumbs in your house next.

Our highly trained experts will help prevent future infestation, on top of taking care of the existing problem you are having.


How Do You Get Infestation?

Cockroaches may have already been there when you moved in. They can also easily be transported from infested homes to new places, so there is a chance that they may have moved in with you. They may also come from your neighbor.

There are types of roaches that can get in your house just by hitchhiking in your grocery bags or luggage or the furniture you bought. You may bring home eggs of these roaches or a pregnant female cockroach. Get rid of empty boxes immediately to avoid infestation. They may try to use this and make it their breeding ground. You may also get infestation when you work in an infested building. Your children can also carry home infestation when they come home from school. It can be in their backpack or lunch containers, so remember to always check your bags every night.

Cockroaches can also get inside your property through the plumbing in your house. They can travel along the plumbing between apartments. To prevent this kind of migration, seal those holes around those pipes and those walls. Use windows screens to seal those holes and any possible entry points. Sewer systems can also be their entry point. Repair those sewers or drainage to avoid infestation.


Keeping Cockroaches Away

With cockroaches’ ability to adapt and survive any environmental conditions, it can be extremely hard to find and get remove them from your home.

They can be very dangerous to have in your home. Roaches commonly cause food poisoning by contaminating food and dishes with bacteria, causing diarrhea in humans.

Virtually any gap or crack in your home could be a location where roaches may penetrate. To keep the roaches out of your home you must plug up almost any holes near pipes, windows, and baseboards. You won’t be able to buy a professional-grade roach eradication chemical substance without having the proper pest control accreditations. We had one customer who mentioned he previously spent over $500 on do-it-yourself roach remedies and this man continued to have roaches in his home! The removal services we offer are sensibly priced and we guarantee all of our work. You shouldn’t have to put up with cockroaches another day! Call Oceanside Pest Control at 000-000-0000 today and we’ll give you a free quote and set up your service.

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