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beetle on wood

Beetles are critters that poke through everything. Fruits to furnitures, these are not a hindrance to beetle’s scissor-like mouth.

Good thing, these creatures are not that harmful to us humans. In fact, a few of their kind are only considered as pests.

It is said that they are living in our world since the ancient times, in the dinosaur era to be exact.


How do we prevent beetles from coming in our house?

Beetles like to stick to things that are close to their habitats. Some stay on carpets, some stay on plants or whatever they may find fibrous.

Having 1 or 2 of this kind is not that alarming, but having more of them is.


Facts about beetles

Admit it, we only know so little about this insect. To entice you a bit, did you know that 40% of insects belong to the Coleoptera species? That means that over 1/4 of animal species are beetles! Even if you combine plants, 1 out of 5 living organisms still belongs to this kind.

Mind blowing? Let’s enumerate these facts.

  1. Little biter is the another name for this insect. It is known as such because unlike other insects who use their straw-like mouths, beetles uses their jaws or mandibles to chew anything. From plants, to insects, and even dead animals, they can chew it all.
  2. 230 million years ago, this insect made its first appearance in the world. It means that they have survived even in the ancient times, even in the dinosaur’s era.
  3. They are known to have many species. We as humans eat more of them especially in the larval stage. Feeling disgusted?
  4. Some can produce light. Organs on the thorax and on the abdomen allows a tropical click beetle to emit this. This is also used to attract preys as their food.
  5. One of the members of the band The Beatles, George Harrison, had a tree planted in Los Angeles’s Griffith Park to celebrate his greatness as a guitarist of a well-known band. A few years ago, it was destroyed by beetles, especially the bark beetles.


Ask for help

Overall, we know that beetles are not in any way harmful to us. But there is only a limit on how many of them we can handle. If you think that they are causing to much trouble on our crop resources or on the structures of our home, you may call Oceanside Pest Control for assistance.

Our exterminators are available at any time. We exclusively offer our services in the Oceanside area and its nearby regions.

Don’t waste any more time worrying, call us now and we’ll help you prevent these pests from coming back!

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