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Not a single person who desires to have ants in their house. Pest Control for Oceanside offers specific extermination for the Oceanside area.

There are numerous types of ant problems you could be having. Problems like this in Oceanside may take on many forms.

Sugar ants are a typical pest in the vicinity and we have treated several homes in the area recently for this kind of pest. They are typically not harmful at all, however, they are annoying and bothersome because they’re smaller and normally appear in significant numbers as opposed to just seeing one. This is very frustrating to home-owners and store products only work so well. If you would like complete, efficient resolution from this irritating insect you’ll want to call up our ant control for Oceanside gurus.


What Is Sugar Ant?

Pharaoh, pavement, odorous house, and carpenter ants are the types that are considered as a sugar ant. These kinds are all different but they all share many common traits and prefer the same source of food.

Ants feed on any kind of leftovers in the kitchen. Stains and spills can attract them. Trash will also attract them if it sits too long before taken outside. Sugary food of any kind is attractive to them.

They have a very extreme sense of smell and can follow an odor from great distances. They have odor receptors that is 4-5 times greater than most species. They can smell food from a mile away.


How Do You Get Infested?

A colony of hungry ant that is in search of carbohydrates can easily sniff out a meal. Any trace of food left out on the counters or the floors is enough to lure them into your home. And sometimes, their opportunity of finding food and consuming food inside can cause invasion.

Even though they are not harmful, a swarm of them can be a nuisance especially when they locate the food source inside your home. They can chew on paper, cardboard, or even thin plastic containers. They can also attract other types of pests, including spiders, into homes.


Do They Bite?

As said, they are not harmful. They are very mild-mannered and they do not sting. But in some instances, like when they sense danger, they may use their protective instincts and defend themselves which will result in using their mouthparts to bite. These bites are not that painful and do not produce symptoms unless the person who is bitten is allergic. However, if symptoms do occur, an antibiotic cream maybe apply to the bite area and call a medical professional.


What Can We Do?

If this kind of problem is too much for you to handle, then you might want to call a professional exterminator. Before you select any exterminator to remove your pest problem, contact us at 000-000-0000 to learn what to look for when hiring a pest control company.

Your local Oceanside technician is trained to help manage sugar ants and similar pests. Since every building or home is different, your technician will design a custom-designed program for your situation.

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